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Data Use Policy

Last Update: October 2, 2012

Life Sciences Academy can be used for various purposes of use, including viewing seminars and browsing reference materials, participation in Webinar and communications with Webinar lecturers. It is necessary to hold an account to use Life Sciences Academy. In use of Life Sciences Academy, please understand how GE Healthcare Japan (hereinafter referred to as “GE”) uses the user information and protects privacy.

In this Data Use Policy, we will explain the following matters.

  1. Information collected by GE and its reason
  2. Usage of the information
  3. Options to be provided (access to the information and method of update)

GE puts priority on the privacy of customers. For customers who are using GE for the first time and for customers who have been using GE for many years, please understand how GE handles privacy by reading this Policy. If you have any questions, please ask GE by using the method described in Life Sciences Academy.

1. Information Collected by GE

GE collects information to provide all users with improved services. The content varies from such basic information as the names and affiliations of customers to such complicated information as content most useful to customers or interested research method.

Information shall be collected by the following two methods.

1-1. Information to be provided by customers

For example, it is necessary to register an account with Life Sciences Academy. At registration, we request such personal information as name, affiliation, mail address, telephone number and country of residence. In addition to the personal information above, in the profile edit screen which can be used after registration, any image can be uploaded as the profile image of the customer to the extent that it does not infringe upon the rights of any third parties.

1-2. Information collected by GE in using Services

GE may collect information related to the services used by users and how the services are/were used. For example, when a user accessed the Life Sciences Academy Website and displayed or operated the content of Life Sciences Academy. This includes the following information.

  1. Terminal Information
    GE may collect information particular to the terminal (for example, type and version of operating system and type and version of browser).
  2. Log Information
    When a customer uses Life Sciences Academy or displays the content provided by GE, the particular information in the server log will be automatically collected and stored. This may include the following information.
    1. Details of status of use of Life Sciences Academy by the customer (login history, history of attending seminars, hours of attendance, test results and search keyword(s), etc.)
    2. Internet protocol address
    3. Terminal event information (type of browser, language of browser, the date of request by the customer, reference URL, etc.)
    4. Cookies that can identify the browser of the customer or the account of the customer
  3. Cookies
    When a customer accesses Life Sciences Academy, GE will collect and store information by using various technologies. In that event, GE will send one or multiple Cookies to the terminal of the customer.
    Cookies are used to identify the browser of the customer and provide such functions as management of use history of Life Sciences Academy and display of profile information corresponding to the account, including maintaining the login status during page transition, status of content viewing and progress of curriculum and test results.
  4. Local Storage
    Life Sciences Academy may locally store the collected information (including personal information) in the terminal of the customer by using such mechanisms as browser web storage (HTML 5, etc.), and application data cache.

2. Usage of Collected Information

GE uses the information collected from Life Sciences Academy for provision, maintenance, protection and improvement of services, development of new services, provision of information about GE products and services and protection of GE and users. In order to provide customized content corresponding to the customer (recommending the content which seems to have much relevance from the history of use of content, etc.), GE will also use the information.

The name input by the customer during registration may be displayed by Life Sciences Academy. GE may display to other users part of the personal information of the customer (the name and affiliation of the customer, etc.), and profile image uploaded by the customer.

If the customer inquires with GE, GE may retain the record of communications with the customer to put it in use for resolution of problems which the customer might have. Information about Life Sciences Academy (notice of scheduled change and improvement, etc.), may be notified to the customer, using the mail address of the customer.

Personal information obtained from Life Sciences Academy may be used by connecting with the information obtained from other services of GE (personal information, etc.), in order to provide appropriate information.
Life Sciences Academy will process personal information in the server located in Japan.

In addition to Cookies, GE will use the information collected from JavaScript for access analysis and the access log of the server for an improvement in the quality of user experience and overall services of Life Sciences Academy.

3. Access to Personal Information and Update

GE makes efforts to always provide customers using Life Sciences Academy with access to personal information of the customers. We strive to provide customers with a method which enables the customers to update or delete by the customers if the information is wrong: except for the cases where it is necessary to retain the information for the purpose of legitimate business or the law. Concerns about privacy differ among persons. GE aims at the way in which the customer can properly select the usage of the information by clarifying the information to be collected. For example, customers can carry out the following.

  1. Using the profile screen of Life Sciences Academy, the customer can confirm and manage particular information connected to the account of the customer.
  2. Using the profile change screen of Life Sciences Academy, the customer can change the profile to be displayed to others.

A customer may block all Cookies, including Cookies related to Life Sciences Academy or set the browser of the customer so that Life Sciences Academy shall give notice of setting of Cookies. If Cookies of the customer are invalidated, services of Life Sciences Academy will not function normally and the customer will not even be able to log into Life Sciences Academy.

When GE changes the personal information of the customer upon request of the customer, GE may request the customer for identification of the customer before responding to the request.

If requests are made many times without due cause, excessive technical work is required (development of new system, or the basic change of existing method is required, etc.), privacy of others is threatened or it is extremely unrealistic, GE may decline to respond.

If access to or correction of the information is possible, GE accepts request(s) free of charge, except for those requiring excessive work. GE desires to manage services so as to protect the information from destruction by negligence or malice. Therefore, in some cases, the customer may not immediately delete the copied information from the standby server in standby after deleting the information from Life Sciences Academy. Information may not be deleted from the data backup system.

4. Information Sharing by GE

Except for the cases falling under any of the following, GE shall not share personal information with corporations, organizations or individuals other than GE Group.

  1. If consent of a customer was obtained
    If GE obtained consent of the customer, GE shall share personal information with corporations, organizations or individuals other than GE Group. GE shall not share personal information of a highly confidential nature without prior consent of the customer.
  2. In case of outsourced processing
    GE provides affiliated companies of GE or outsourced companies with personal information for processing the information for GE. In outsourcing, Data Use Policy shall be complied with and measures for appropriate confidentiality and security shall be taken.
  3. In case of account manager
    If the account of the customer is included in the account which was applied for use as a unit of affiliated organization, department or section, the account manager of the affiliated organization, department or section may access the account information of the customer (including such data as the history of content viewing).
    Account manager may carry out the following matters.
    1. To display the information about the account of the customer (including the history of attendance and test results of the customer).
    2. To access the information stored as part of the account of the customer or retain the information.
    3. To receive the account information of the customer to respond to the requests by the relevant laws and regulations, or legal proceedings or administrative agencies with compulsory execution power.
    4. To request GE for change of personal information and password of the account of the customer, temporary suspension of access right or deletion.
  4. In case of legal reasons
    If GE determines that it is reasonably necessary to access, use, store, or disclose personal information by the following reasons, GE shall share the information with corporations, organizations or individuals other than GE Group.
    1. In order to respond to the requests by the relevant laws and regulations, or legal proceedings or administrative agencies with compulsory execution authority.
    2. In order to implement the applicable use covenant, including investigation of the possibility of violation.
    3. In order to detect, prevent or otherwise address the unauthorized acts, security or technical problems.
    4. In order to protect from harm the rights, properties or safety of GE, Life Sciences Academy users or the public to the extent required or permitted by the laws.

GE may publish and share with partners the total information which cannot identify the individual. For example, GE may publish the information which indicates the general trend of use of Life Sciences Academy.

If GE was subject to merger, acquisition or transfer of assets, GE shall continue to maintain the confidentiality of any personal information and shall notify users before transfer of personal information or change of Data Use Policy applied.

5. Protection of Information

GE makes efforts to protect GE and its users from unauthorized access, unauthorized alteration, disclosure or destruction of the information held by GE. In particular, GE takes the following measures.

  1. GE encrypts many of the services of GE, using SSL.
  2. GE limits the handling person who can access personal information to the employees of GE Group, contractors and agents who need to know the information to process the information at Life Sciences Academy. Each handling person shall be under a strict contractual confidentiality obligation and if any person has not performed the obligation, the person may be subject to disciplinary action or dismissal.
  3. GE scrutinizes the implementation method of collection, storage and processing of information (including physical security measures) and protects the system from unauthorized access.

6. Application

This Data Use Policy shall apply to the services of Life Sciences Academy. This Data Use Policy shall not apply to other services provided by GE. Also, this Data Use Policy shall not apply to the sites provided by other companies or individuals, including the sites linked from Life Sciences Academy, sites introducing and advertising Life Sciences Academy, sites using some functions of Life Sciences Academy.

7. Amendment

This Data Use Policy may be amended from time to time. Amendments of Data Use Policy shall be published on this page and material amendments shall be notified by a clearer method (some amendments may be notified by mail.)