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Discovery Mattersは英語版です。バックナンバーはInternationalサイトのDiscovery Mattersをご覧ください。

Discovery Matters, Issue 14, October 2011

  1. Multistep purification of recombinant tagged proteins for SPR studies using ÄKTAxpress(PDF)
  2. Multistep purification of humanized WO-2 Fab for crystallization studies using ÄKTAxpress(PDF)
  3. The use of high-content analysis to develop a high-throughput wound healing assay for cancer research(PDF)
  4. Simplified manual purification of antibodies in 30 min(PDF)
  5. Comparative performance of blue film for visualization of proteins(PDF)
  6. Details of our latest products and services (PDF)

Discovery Matters, Issue 13, May 2011

  1. Stability of membrane proteins analyzed by gel filtration(PDF)
  2. Screening of extraction buffers for 2-D DIGE analysis of plant proteins(PDF)
  3. A benchmark study of streptavidin magnetic beads(PDF)
  4. Rapid sample preparation for MicroCal ITC and DSC experiments using PD MidiTrap G-25 columns(PDF)
  5. Cancer research tools from GE Healthcare(PDF)
  6. Concentration and recovery of proteins from cell culture media using Vivaspin sample concentrators(PDF)
  7. High-content analysis of a live multiplexed cytotoxicity study using Cytiva Cardiomyocytes and IN Cell Analyzer 2000(PDF)
  8. What's new?(PDF)

Discovery Matters, Issue 12, January 2011

  1. GE Healthcare High-Content Analysis (HCA) Award
    High-content analysis using IN Cell Analyzer permits dissection of diverse signaling pathways for T lymphocyte polarization(PDF)
  2. Outstanding sensitivity for confident label-free interaction analysis using Biacore T200(PDF)
  3. Increased sensitivity and stability in Western blotting using Amersham ECL Prime(PDF)
  4. Rapid buffer scouting and quality control of integral membrane proteins(PDF)
  5. High-throughput screening for antibodies and histidinetagged proteins using Mag Sepharose magnetic beads(PDF)
  6. Increasing the yield of purified GST-tagged proteins(PDF)
  7. GE & Science Prize for Young Life Scientists 2010(PDF)
  8. What's New?(PDF)

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